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Evention is a one-stop ultimate event management solution for new and experienced virtual event organisers in Singapore. Get everything done seamlessly and efficiently from pre-event invitations to on-site check-in to post-event feedback and reports generation with the help of our virtual event company.

We take pride in offering automated solutions and value-added event interactive applications which provide conclusive and significant improvement in user experience and engagement. Whether it be live, virtual or hybrid event management in Singapore, rest assured that our virtual event company has the experience to support your needs.

We will always be there to take your event to the next level of productivity and enjoyment. Be a specialised virtual event organiser with us!

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As a known live and virtual event company in Singapore, Evention is committed in helping our clients with their events by playing the key role in an event management system, that is developing helpful solutions to make the tasks easier. We provide applications to lessen the ardouos tasks of virtual event organisers in Singapore. We can also help you plan for the event should you can consult us as an event agency. Aside from this, we can also help you with organizing live events in accordance to the new safety protocols for COVID-19.


We also offer various event packages to meet the demand in the industry. We specialize in conferences, openings, product launches, and other corporate events. Do you want an assistance with event management system to make your live or virtual event as fantastic, smooth-flowing and memorable as it can be? Get the service of an experienced live and virtual event organiser in Singapore now!


Evention also provide online solutions for major tasks in an event management system. We have RSVP and registration platforms online as well as event app. Whether your event is a live gathering or a virtual event, an automated RSVP and online event registration will save you time and effort you often exert in preparing a registration booth.

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The ever-expanding technology brought forth the demand for virtual events as much as the pandemic does. Even before Covid-19 hits our countries, the demands for virtual events are already high due to the promising wider audience reach and the convenience of gaining your needed information from anywhere you are. Our virtual event company in Singapore has been furthering the standards for virtual events for years. We have been investing in the development of a secure, practical and user-friendly virtual event platform to improve the experiences of our clients from hosts to the audiences. Do you need the help of a reliable virtual event company for your next corporate or organisational event? Talk to us today!