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Hybrid events are excellent for organisers who look for greater reach and higher efficiency.

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Hybrid Events

Personalized RSVP

End-to-end On-site & Virtual Event Solution

Interactive Features

Detailed Attendance & Login Reports

A hybrid event is the perfect combination of a live in-person event and virtual online integrations. With the advanced equipment and technology, EVENTION sync the engagement and content features so that both live and online attendees can gain insights on the event.

Live streaming

Webinar broadcasting

Setting up a virtual space that mirrors the ongoing physical event.

How Hybrid Events Can Support You to Success?


Expand potential audiences

Apart from the local audiences, Hybrid events contribute to tap a wide spectrum of audiences residing in varied remote locations.


Break out meeting restriction

Interact audiendees with multi functions e.g Live polling, Lucky draw and Q&A section.


Increase content engagement

Allow to record the sessions and send them out after the event.


Enhance Sponsorship value

Boost sponsor ROI with sponsor booths, lead generation, advertisements and much more. Your sponsors have the chance to enhance the brand exposure.


Better control of budget

Event technology reduces costs as it requires less physical venue and human resources.

Review Virtual Conference Performance from start to the end

A comprehensive report will be generated after the event. It contributes to track attendee before, during and after the event, recording the interaction while adopting the virtual conference hosting platforms.

Want more strategies for hosting virtual conference?

Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set

Professional 3D live production with green screen

Virtual Event Video User Guide

Customized video guide for your virtual event guests

Virtual Photo Booth

Interactive features to boost engagement

Fear to Switch? We’re Here to Help

While the interest in virtual events has certainly spiked since the pandemic, these benefits can be applied to the world of meetings and events long after the end of travel bans and gathering restrictions.

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