Hybrid Event Singapore

Hybrid event in Singapore has been on trend for several years. This type of event combines the traditional face to face event and a virtual event. It becomes a solution to the situations wherein an important figure might not be able to physically attend the event or when a remote party wants to join.

What is Hybrid Event Singapore?

Have you ever attended a corporate event wherein there is a portion where some guest speakers will have their speech through a live broadcast? They might be doing a live stream from a remote location or have the video recorded prior to the event. Or do you ever experience a corporate event with remote parties joined in? These are what you call hybrid events.

Hybrid events in Singapore are popular for several reasons including convenience and practicality.

Why Choose Our Hybrid Event Service?

A hybrid event in Singapore can provide a lot of convenience for the attendees who cannot physically go to the venue. We at Evention understand how promising hybrid events are to the corporate world. To make hybrid events more worthwhile for our clients, we have developed effective virtual platforms to have stronger and secured connection. This will guarantee the best hybrid event experience for your company.

Personalised RSVP

RSVP stands for répondez s’il vous plait, a French term which means “please respond”. It is indicated in an invitation for corporate event or social gatherings in order to track the guest count prior to the date of the event. Now that hybrid events in Singapore are gaining popularity, Evention made an effort to get RSVP more accessible and easy to do.

End-to-end On-site & Virtual Event Solution

A reliable event management system can assist your hybrid event in Singapore in an end-to-end process which will not merely apply onsite but one virtual event as well. We all know that hybrid events are combination of a traditional event and a virtual event. With the help of Evention’s solutions, you can easily manage both events at the same time.

Interactive Features

The challenge of a hybrid event in Singapore is to make the virtual part of the event appealing to the audiences who are present in the venue. As there is a live gathering in the venue, the virtual event portion may sound a bit off and uninteresting. With the interactive features of our virtual event solutions, this will never be a problem with your hybrid events.

Detailed Attendance & Login Reports

Need to efficiently track the attendees and prepare a report after the hybrid event in Singapore? No worries! Our virtual event solutions in Evention can help you get the detailed attendance and access the names, arrival and departure times, and other necessary information to generate a report. This is a useful way to get the data you needed in a short period of time.

A hybrid event is the perfect combination of a live in-person event and virtual online integrations. With the advanced equipment and technology, EVENTION sync the engagement and content features so that both live and online attendees can gain insights on the event.

  •  Live streaming
  • Webinar broadcasting
  • Setting up a virtual space
    that mirrors the ongoing
    physical event.

How Hybrid Event can support you to success?

Review Virtual Conference Performance from start to the end

A comprehensive report will be generated after the event. It contributes to track attendee before, during and after the event, recording the interaction while adopting the virtual conference hosting platforms.

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Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set


Professional 3D live production with green screen. Green screen is a popular technology in video production today that offers background manipulation.

Virtual Event Video User Guide


Customised video guide for your virtual event guests. Even when you are new to live streaming services, you will be well guided to maximise our services.

Virtual Photo Booth


Interactive features to boost engagement, you can now have a photobooth along with our live streaming services. Try it now!

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While the interest in virtual events has certainly spiked since the pandemic, these benefits can be applied to
the world of meetings and events long after the end of travel bans and gathering restrictions.

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