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The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes to the world. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the concept of events underwent a substantial transformation. This shift was further accelerated by the pandemic, pushing us beyond the confines of traditional gatherings and introducing the era of hybrid experiences. Nowadays, we have the incredible ability to live-stream events. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for hosts and audiences. This article will delve into the concept of hybrid events, highlighting its benefits and providing tips on choosing the right company offering live streaming services in Singapore.

What Are Hybrid Events?

A hybrid event is a type of event that combines both in-person and virtual components. It can be a conference, workshop or any other kind of meeting. What makes it hybrid is that it allows attendees to join in person at a physical location while offering remote participation via a designated website or software platform. This way, physical and virtual attendees can come together for the same event.

Benefits Of Utilising Live Streaming Services For Hybrid Events

Here are some of the benefits of harnessing live streaming services for hybrid events:

1) Widening Event Reach

The impact of live-streaming in broadening event reach is undeniable. Recent studies indicate that hybrid events experience an average of 40% higher attendance than relying on in-person participants only. This surge is attributed to the accessibility offered by virtual events, transcending geographical limitations. It’s attracting participants from diverse regions which not only boosts attendee numbers but also fosters global diversity in your events. This is highly advantageous as more attendees mean more connections, collaborations and a broader impact overall.

2) Cost-Effectiveness

Including live streaming in events offers cost-effectiveness as it can reduce the need for physical infrastructure. According to Storefront, the average cost of renting a venue for an event in Singapore is between SGD$30,000 and SGD$50,000 which it’s not a small sum. But, if you embrace live streaming, you can bid farewell to these hefty expenses. You don’t need to rent a large venue, invest in extensive decorations or provide catering services.

3) Enhanced Engagement

Live streaming services also enhance engagement for hybrid events. Virtual attendees have the opportunity to actively participate in real-time through features such as chat, comment and Q&A sessions. This two-way communication fosters a sense of participation and connection, even for those not physically present. Additionally, this approach enables incorporating interactive elements such as polls or surveys, which can further engage your audience and make the event more interactive.

Overall, including live streaming in your hybrid events is truly beneficial. Hopefully, there will be strategic planning that could involve refining and expanding interactive elements within these services in future. This includes the integration of cutting-edge technologies or advancements in IT development.

Tips For Choosing The Right Live Streaming Services In Singapore

Choosing the right live streaming service in Singapore requires very careful consideration. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

1) Define Your Streaming Goals

Firstly, you must identify your specific live streaming goals. Are you aiming to entertain, educate, promote your business or simply share personal content? Understanding your objectives will guide your choices throughout the selection process.

2) Consider Your Budget

Various live streaming services offer different pricing structures, often considering the platforms you intend to use. It’s crucial to establish how much you are willing to invest in your live-streaming endeavour and choose a service that fits your budget. 

3) Streaming Quality and Resolution

The quality of your live stream can significantly impact viewer experience. You must look for services that offer options for streaming in high-definition (HD). Additionally, consider factors like stability, low latency and adaptive streaming to ensure a smooth broadcast for your audience.

4) Feedback And Reviews

Conduct thorough research by reading reviews and gathering feedback from other users who have utilised these services. Their experiences and insights can provide valuable information about the platform’s performance, reliability and potential drawbacks.

Enhance The Hybrid Experience With Event Website & Check-In Systems

To ensure your hybrid event goes smoothly, leveraging cutting-edge technology is important. This includes having an event website and check-in systems. These tools simplify the event management and improve the experience for participants.

Purpose Of An Event Website 

An event website plays a crucial role as a centralised platform for delivering comprehensive information about your event. Its primary purpose is to offer attendees easy access to essential details, ensuring they are well informed and prepared, whether they plan to attend the event in person or virtually. This includes providing event schedules, venue details, agendas or ticketing information. An event website also serves as a platform for virtual attendees to access live streams and engage with the event. 

Streamlining Event Check-In Processes With Systems

An efficient event check-in system is essential to creating a seamless and positive event experience. You can leverage technology for both physical attendees and remote participants. One example is the utilisation of digital check-in procedures, such as QR code scanning, which not only expedites the process but also eliminates the need for physical attendees to wait in long queues. This streamlined approach ensures a smoother and more convenient experience for everyone involved.


In conclusion, hybrid live-streaming events have transformed the way people attend an event. If you’re looking for the best event company in Singapore, Evention is your go-to solution. With our expertise in this field and a track record of serving numerous renowned clients, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure the success of your event. Additionally, our cutting-edge equipment and technology are your guarantee of a seamless and top-notch streaming experience.

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