Live Streaming Services in Singapore

Wide Variety of Content Uses

Experience how technology shapes the new normal by bringing traditionally offline and live events online. With our reliable live streaming services in Singapore, you can reach a global audience for your live event, product launch and online selling.

What is a Live-Streaming Service?

Live streaming in Singapore is gaining popularity since it allows businesses and organizations to engage with their audiences on a deeper level despite the barrier of physical location. Live streaming doesn’t only bridge the gap but creates more bridges. It may be beneficial and influential in a range of different areas as it allows professionals to broadcast in-person events, promotions, live announcements, online seminars, and other information.

Why Choose Evention Singapore for your Live Streaming Services?

Live streaming will certainly drive traffic to your business, boost engagement, and attract your viewers’ attention. It is certainly something to consider for your business. There are many revenue-generating possibilities. For businesses searching for new ways to raise sales across social media channels, live broadcasting provides a wide range of monetization options. We offer reliable live streaming with zero to minimal interruptions and backed with qualified technicians to assist you throughout the event. Choose our live streaming services today to help you reach more markets in Singapore and abroad.

Cloud Content Delivery Network service (CDN)

  • Live Streaming CDN
  • Video on Demand CDN
  • Onsite Support Team and Technicians
  • Worldwide Coverage

Professional Live Production Studio

  • Professional Live Production
  • Multi-Location Speakers Management
  • Screen Layout Management
  • Remotely Control Presentation
  • 3D Virtual Studio Sets

Discover Our Live Streaming Services in Singapore

Live Streaming

Professional Studio & Production with Experienced Producers and Engineers.

Webinar Broadcasting

Customised Platform with All-In-One RSVP System.

Setting up a Virtual Space

Engage Audiences with Interactive Booths, Banners, Clickable Features and Content to Exhibit Your Brand.

Review Virtual Conference Performance from start to the end

A comprehensive report will be generated after the event. It contributes to track attendee before, during and after the event, recording the interaction while adopting the virtual conference hosting platforms.

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Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set


Professional 3D live production with green screen. Green screen is a popular technology in video production today that offers background manipulation.

Virtual Event Video User Guide


Customised video guide for your virtual event guests. Even when you are new to live streaming services, you will be well guided to maximise our services.

Virtual Photo Booth


Interactive features to boost engagement, you can now have a photobooth along with our live streaming services. Try it now!

Fear to Switch? We’re Here to Help

While the interest in virtual events has certainly spiked since the pandemic, these benefits can be applied to
the world of meetings and events long after the end of travel bans and gathering restrictions.

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