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In-house Event Organiser

A good in-house event organiser can spell the difference to your live or virtual event management system. Most of us are making a bad mistake of ditching the importance of an event organiser. In reality, an event is where people gather. Where there are people and actions are being taken, precautions and protocols must be followed. This is where an in-house event organizer can help you.

Event Agency

Evention is known as an event agency before it was recognized as a virtual event organiser. We can function as an event agency which can help you plan, prepare, and execute your events from the get-go to the post-event activities. You can expect an all-around assistance for your event management needs when you choose Evention as your partner in event management in Singapore.

Overseas Event Planner

The beauty of a virtual event in Singapore is that it can accommodate a wider scale of audiences and can transcend the geographical hindrances. With effective virtual events solutions we are providing here at Evention, you will have a guarantee that your audiences and participants from different parts of the world will have the same experience as the ones in Singapore.

HR Training Manager

A big part of any event is the human resource. We utilize our skills in human resource when we need to organise an actual or virtual event. After all, an event involves people, it involves interaction, attendance, participations and so much more. It entails that HR training is essential to come up with effective solutions in handling events. We provide such service here at Evention.


Cocktail Reception & Annual Dinner

In a corporate set-up, cocktail receptions and annual dinners are very common celebrations that are done for various reasons. These types of events are often done in a physical venue where there is a need to set up the venue into a glamorous atmosphere. More so, the sound and lights system must always be on check. Today, practical ways to handle such celebrations are gaining popularity such as virtual and hybrid events. We offer overall assistance for live, virtual or hybrid events for cocktail reception and dinners in Singapore.

Grand Opening & Product Launch

A business’ grand opening is among the most special and memorable event in the life of the business owner. It is the start of the journey and everyone must start with an impact. A business must leave an impression at the very beginning. Likewise, a product launch is equally important to further the sales. We can provide assistance for live and virtual grand openings and product launch here at Evention.

Conference & Summit

Conferences and summits are integral part of any business and organization’s operation. In a conference, important issues and future campaigns are being addressed, discussed and settled. However, with the busy schedule and geographical constraint, it is difficult to gather all your people. Not with Evention’s virtual event solutions though.


For companies and organizations that wish to maximize the benefits of virtual events, training is very crucial. It takes years of continuous studies, planning and practice to be prepared in handling online events which are effective, engaging, and remarkable. As part of our commitment in improving the virtual event experience of our clients, we offer event management trainings at Evention.

Public Event

Public event involves more people than private gatherings. When more people are involve, safety, security, engagement, sensibility, and promptness are the things an event organiser must be able to juggle in his hands. We at Evention can help you with managing public events that will be memorable and properly facilitated which can help further your cause or earn you revenue.


RSVP & Registration

RSVP is a French phrase which indicates the need to respond to the invitation. It is usually done to ensure the guest count before the actual event takes place. RSVP for virtual event is made easier and faster as the guests can simply send their responses electronically. With the help of our virtual event solutions, you can have the most efficient event registration in Singapore.

On-site Check-in

Stationing staff at the entrance to oversee the event registration is so outdated. No need to bother your staff for such time-consuming task! With our expert solutions at Evention, we can station a QR code at the entrance instead. All your guests need to do is to scan the code in order to register for the event. This is a quick and effective way to get the guest count real-time.

Event Website

Do you wish to host a website for your event? When it comes to one-time events, a website might be a mere luxury that we can do without. However, when your event becomes annual and if it is gaining revenues or is furthering a cause, an event website is necessary. An event website can help people know your event and the details about it. It can help in improving the event’s awareness campaign.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement may be a challenge in a virtual event in Singapore. Without the face to face interaction that is present in a normal and traditional event, getting the audiences’ engagement can be difficult. Moreover, there are lots of communication barriers present in a virtual event. With the help of our effective event management solutions, audience engagement will never be a problem.

Virtual Event

Virtual event is the heart of Evention. We are very much enthusiastic when it comes to virtual events for several reasons. Firstly, virtual event in Singapore is the future of the corporate events and e-commerce. Another thing is that we are fueled by the challenge of making virtual events more engaging. We know that virtual events can connect more people despite the distances.

Post-event Services

Post event services are also integral even in a virtual event in Singapore. It might even be more important in a digital scheme as compared to an actual event. The audiences must have a recall or retention of the event they just attended virtually. Thus, having effective post-event services are very much important to continuously engaged your audiences for more online events you host.

Event App

Everything nowadays is better when there is an app for it. In terms of event management system, an event app is very much useful. Evention has several event apps to offer that can make your event management easier and more effective. Our event app can help our clients in handling various event management tasks with less manpower and in a less taxing manner.

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