Event Management System: RSVP and Registration

Streamline Pre-Event Processes with Automated Solutions.

Level up Your RSVP with an Automated Event Management System!

An Event Management System (EMS) is essentially an online platform that helps you streamline the entire event planning process, from start to finish.

With Evention, you can manage your guest list, send out automated emails and reminders, track RSVPs, and even manage event logistics on the day-of.
We can handle everything for client , one-stop service, from database management to report generation

So, if you’re looking to level up your event planning game, look no further than an Event Management System developed for your needs!

Easy Event management from The Start

Our Event Management System offers a professional RSVP management to aid you and your guest in confirming attendance and tallying the guest count before and during the event. This will help you plan for other related aspects such as accommodations, food and refreshments, pamphlets and more.

  • Personalised Invitation Email for Everyone
  • Online RSVP system for the Modern Guests
  • Customised Registration Form
  • Instant / Scheduled Confirmation
  • Real-time Statistical Email Reports for ROI

One-click E-ticketing

Should your event have tickets for entrance or need a strategized seating arrangement for the attendees, our event management system offers e-ticketing with a secure online payment method for seamless transactions.

  • Customised Registration for All Guests
  • Ticket Ordering Form
  • Online Secure Payment Gateway
  • Customised Real-time Quota Counter for easy management
  • Instant / scheduled confirmation

Confirm Your Attendee List with Our Automated System

Our event management system offers a collated RSVP for easy confirmation of guests attendance even before the event happens. The online invitation will be sent out with options to accept or decline so you will have a heads up on how many guests will be able to attend.

  • Auto / Scheduled Confirmation Email with QR Code
  • All-in-one email with Event Agenda / Brochure /Venue Details
  • Reminder email with Schedule



Complimentary Features for Your Guests

Table Management

One of the most crucial things to arrange when organising your event (especially a live event) is table management. It refers to the arrangement of designated seats for the guests in such a way that they will have a worthwhile experience during the event. Table management is made easier with our app.

Live Polling

Making the emcee say “Raise your hand if you are…” is so last year. Polling like this is not very efficient and may even be unprofessional to some of your honourable guests. With our event management system, responding to a live poll is just a click away from your guests’ phones.

Live Q&A

Want to use a Q&A as an ice breaker? Or would you want to hear what your guests think about your event? Say goodbye to the pieces of papers that end up not coming back to you in full, not to mention quite a waste post-event. With our live Q&A, responding can be done through the app.

Event App

With our event management system, organising a live or virtual event is made easier even for newbies in event management. The event app is very easy to access and has a lot of features to make the organiser’s job more efficient while providing convenience to the guests for a better satisfaction rate!

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