A Guide to Choosing the Right Event Management System in Singapore

Event Management System Singapore

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With the ongoing pandemic and new safety restrictions in place in Singapore, many organisations are choosing to move their on-site events online. Contrary to what some might think, hosting online events isn’t a bad thing. In fact, virtual (and hybrid) events make it super easy for people from everywhere – even those overseas, to gather, saving your organisation up to 75% costs compared to in-person experiences, as well as allow you to collect valuable data about your audiences.

Instead of weighing the pros and cons of arranging a virtual event, you should be considering the best features of an event management system that can help you throw live, virtual and hybrid events with the greatest ease. As such, we share five great features to look out for in your next event management system.

#1 Supports end-to-end event management

There are so many steps that are involved in the hosting of an event, even one that is online. From managing the registration of your attendees, counting down to the occasion, to hosting the actual event – you want to be able to perform all your tasks on one seamlessly integrated platform. Imagine having to use one application to set up your website or application so that people can register for the event, then another tool to host the live show. Thus, it’s best to make things easy by searching for an event management system that supports your planning and hosting from start to finish.

Event Management System Mobile Registration

#2 Allows you to customise layouts for strong branding

Just as how you might brand an on-site event using banners, themed colours, pictures or videos that showcase the organisation’s identity and personality of the event – for example, neon and digital designs are characteristic of a gaming event, whilst neutral and professional are most ideal for a medical conference – you might also want to customise your virtual event to provide your attendees with a unique and immersive experience.

Customisable App & Website EMS

Things that you can customise on your online platforms should include fonts, colours, backgrounds, and imagery – all of which contribute to building a powerful brand and creating a pleasant experience for your attendees. Whether it is applications, websites, or live staging platforms, choose an event management system that gives you the freedom to customise everything about your virtual function.

#3 User friendly and interactive

Attending an event online can be especially tiring, which is why it is all the more important to keep your audience engaged and interested during your virtual shows. Evention, a virtual event company in Singapore, offers interactive virtual exhibition tools that allow audiences to feel like they are navigating through an actual event space. Attendees can move through the virtual space of the event, from the auditorium to the lobby, to the video meeting room and more. The smooth graphics of Evention’s virtual exhibition platform also successfully keep audiences happy and hooked.

Virtual Event Exhibition Singapore

For any virtual event, be it a virtual conference or exhibition, you also want a tool that allows audiences to communicate with you anytime they want. Live chats, Q&A, and poll features give your audience the chance to voice up or ask questions, keeping the interaction two-way as well as specific to the audience’s needs. Certain events management systems even help you to top it off with an interactive virtual photo booth.

#4 Provides live streaming features

The best of both worlds, hybrid events enable you to powerfully engage those who are on-site as well as reach many more who prefer the convenience of attending online.  Hence, when considering hosting a hybrid event, it’s important to choose an events management platform that provides you with the tools you need to stream live.

Live Streaming EMS

For added convenience, the event management system company might even provide you access to a 3D virtual set that enables you to film 3D live production using a green screen.

#5 Gives you the data you need

The very best part about virtual events is that you can collect valuable data about how your audience is receiving your event and how the event is turning attendees’ interest into action. A good event management system can give you numbers of clicks into your organisation’s website, mobile application downloads, and conversions. Should your event be a ticketed event, the system should also display ticket sales and revenue. With this data, you can refine your future events to make them more successful. 

Event Management System Data

All in all, the right events management system makes it much easier to host your virtual and hybrid events, as well as help you to powerfully interact with your audience and turn that engagement into results. Consider the five essential features of a great events management system: supports event hosting from start to finish, is highly customisable, excitingly encourages audience interaction, can host live streaming, and finally, gives you data that you need to reach for success.

Evention Singapore is a virtual event company in Singapore that provides you with a one-stop event management solution through our premium software – offering a user-friendly, seamless experience for both organisations and audiences. Boost audience engagement and enjoy the results with our events management system. Contact us for enquiries today! 

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