How to create sustainable events

How to create sustainable events

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Sustainability is the new watchword for business owners looking to attract a new generation of consumers. Eco-consciousness is more popular than ever before and people are on the lookout for corporations that promote sustainability through their business practices.

Corporate events like trade shows, conventions, and seminars have come into the limelight over the last few years and can be branded as being wasteful. However, given their importance to the business community, one cannot simply do away with these events.

Rather than ignoring the environmental impact, event organisers and business managers can turn criticisms into an opportunity to showcase their commitment towards eco-friendly practices. By championing sustainability in various aspects of their planning, not only will they achieve the aims set out for their event, they can also promote their brand and increase visibility. Read on to find out how you too can create sustainable events.

Event Management System Virtual and Hybrid

1. Create Virtual/Hybrid Events
The pandemic really brought virtual events in Singapore to the fore as an alternative to in-person conferences. Virtual or hybrid events are able to host more guests and have greater visibility online. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and also better for the environment.

Business events often mean travelling. Either across the country or over continents, the carbon footprint of gathering hundreds if not thousands of people at one place cannot be ignored. Just by having the option of attending virtually, your event automatically becomes more sustainable.

Hybrid events in Singapore offer the best of both worlds. They allow for opportunities to network in-person with others while also providing the event experience to anyone who is unable to attend physically. Business and environmentally friendly, hybrid events are fast becoming popular around the globe.

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2. Offer Vegetarian/Vegan Food Options
While veganism took off decades ago as a healthy eating lifestyle, it has recently become a serious option for anyone looking to adopt more sustainable eating habits. The science is out and the consensus is that a vegetarian diet and lifestyle is better for the environment.

So if you’re looking to up your green credentials, then it might be a good idea to offer vegan or vegetarian options as part of your event. You can take the opportunity to educate event-goers on the impact of climate change and how they can reduce their carbon footprint by making lifestyle choices like eating less meat every once in a while.

Event Management System Go Paperless

3. Go Paperless
Traditionally, business events are known to have a lot of paper waste. From tickets to event brochures, signages, sign-in sheets, and name tags, paper is often used unnecessarily in many cases. Additionally, much of this paper is usually thrown away by the end of the event.

To reduce paper consumption and show that you’re serious about sustainability, you can consider promoting a paperless event. By investing in a top-tier event management system, making the transition from paper to paperless is almost painless. 

E-tickets can replace paper stubs and QR codes allow guests to access all the information they need. Attendances can be managed and controlled virtually, and digital or reusable signages also contribute to cutting down on paper waste.

Sustainable living and greener consumerism are trends likely to stay with us for the long-term. By making small changes to the way you plan and organise your events, businesses can gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve by going green. Beyond having a positive impact on the environment, these tweaks to your business practice can also improve guest experience and reduce overheads. A win win for all involved.

If you’re considering having a virtual exhibition in Singapore then an event management suite like the one provided by Evention is an absolute must. We provide end-to-end, one-stop event management solutions for conferences of all sizes. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services and send us your questions. Our team will be in touch to answer your queries and bring your event to life.

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