Factors that You Need to Concern in Hybrid Events

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As recently hybrid event are more common and there are always minimal mistakes that the event organizer always has. Let’s read through the point below to avoid the mistakes next time.

1) Well-planning for Content Preparation

Content is very important in your hybrid event. Because when you are hosting a hybrid event, you will be live streaming the speaking session for the virtual attendee. Not only the attendees in physical event have to be engaged, but also the virtual attendees. Therefore, keep the content centralized and manage it in real time to do better content management.

2)Set the Admission Policy

Since it is a hybrid event, you may expect there are some people to attend the event in person. However, there may be a problem that the attendees that come to the hybrid event exceed the expected count. Therefore you must set the admission policy, once the quota in the physical event is full, tell them to join the virtual one.

3)Have a Backup Plan

Some of you may have experience holding a hybrid event. However, there is always some sudden incident that happens for example, wifi disconnection and microphone sound problems. Therefore the backup plan can include the contacts of technical experts to solve the emergency problem and hold the hybrid event smoothly.

4)Plan for Advance for People with a Physical Disability

Everyone can be your attendee including those with disabilities. For example, in case there is someone who has a hearing disability, you should prepare the subtitle of the speech no matter whether he or she attends the event virtually or in person.

5) Address the Concern of Security

You may need to collect the contact information of the attendees, in case there are any complains or something happens. Also, you may need to limit the attendees of their use of their mobile phones or recording devices during the event. Similarly, limit the virtual attendees to recording the screen. Therefore to prevent any leakage of the event materials and data.

6)Choosing a Right Venue

Under covid 19, it is important to choose the right venue. Be careful of the size of the venue, the maximum capacity, and the venue contract. Therefore the event can run smoothly without any interruption of covid 19 policy.

Hybrid event brings benefits to your business operation. However, be care to avoid the mistake to hold a better event.

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