5 Tips To Infuse Digital Features In In-person Events

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The events were compelled to make a digital turnaround two years ago. Therefore, Event organizers are seeking innovative methods to add more digital features and elements to the in-personal event recently. Here are five ways to incorporate digital elements into a live event.
Let’s check it out below.

1. Livestream The Content
An excellent method to promote your work and build favorable associations with your business is to live to stream the chosen content to a larger off-site audience. Sharing content increases the hype around your event. Your event will have a wider audience and you will be able to reuse this content for marketing purposes the more you create and share.

2. Repurpose Event Content By Recording

In the event, permitting some sessions to continue sharing to the public might open up countless opportunities for content marketing techniques. You can repurpose event content by sharing speech recordings, producing numerous video snippets, and repackaging it into specific highlight reels and after-movies. Hence, these kinds of content can be used to advertise the upcoming event and capture the moment of the actual in-person event.

3. Choose A Suitable Digital Platform
As mentioned there are many benefits of using a digital platform at an in-person event.
These interfaces provide more chances for the attendees to engage and interact by centralizing all information about the in-person event. Some features in the platform may also increase the event experience such as gathering questions or interacting with other attendees. By awarding attendance with points, setting up a leaderboard, and rewarding the winner with gifts, gamification features can be included in the in-person event too.

4. Build Networking By Digital Features
While an in-person event is a great place for building networking, still difficult to find the right person to connect with within a crowded event. However, it is suggested to add some digital features, such as matchmaking features or other AI-related networking features to help make connections with the attendees. Such networking opportunities increase the efficiency and chance to allow the attendees to meet together

5. Incorporate Gamification Element
Gamification increases attendees’ participation in a physical event. Hence such as attending sessions, visiting sponsor booths, or participating in group activities. This can help increase attendance rates and participation levels, which can ultimately lead to a more successful event.
Also, by encouraging attendees to interact and take part in group activities, gamification can help with networking and relationship-building. Attendees may be better able to network, work together, and establish long-lasting relationships as a result.

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