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Common problems with virtual conferences in Singapore are the unreliable connection and low audience engagement. That’s not the case with Evention’s virtual event platform in Singapore. With the help of our virtual event solutions, you can have the best interactive virtual conference experience for your organization with limited interference.

What is Virtual Conference?

Virtual Conference in Singapore is a new and innovative way to gather people together that transcend geographic distance and other hindrances. With virtual conference in Singapore, you can handle a wide scope meeting for your whole organization without the expenses for lounging and travel.

Virtual Conference can get people from across the world, gather together to discuss and resolve the agendas that can further their businesses or organizations.

Why Choose our Virtual Conference Service?

Evention offers the best virtual event platforms in Singapore. Among such virtual platforms is one that we used for our video conference service. As part of our commitment to effective virtual event management in the country, we are continuously improving our services. Our virtual conference service uses the most advance and reliable virtual event platform in Singapore to ensure connectivity and accessibility. This means that with the help of Evention’s solutions, you can have the best virtual conference experience in the country.

easy registration process

Personalised to meet your target audiences Image of landing page

  • Customised registration form
  • Event Login page with customised background
  • Event countdown timer

Webinar with interactive features

  • Video player with your company logo & event banner
  • Event info & agenda
  • Live chat, Q&A & Polling
  • Live production for onsite & remote speakers

Stable Networking is also
the key to success

Enable your attendees to meet with others during and after the webinars.
Provide real-time conversation in a virtual convention platform.

One-to-One chat room

Among the best virtual event platforms we offer in Singapore is the one-to-one chat room which is very effective for corporate communication. Our one-to-one chat room provides an easy to learn interface for great user experience. It is also highly secured so that the confidentiality of your one on one communication will remain protected.

Video meeting

Virtual conference in Singapore is among the major concerns we aim to improve here at Evention. We understand the importance and convenience a virtual conference can offer compared to the traditional conferences. Thus, our goal is to capitalize with those benefits and provide better virtual meeting experiences for companies in the country.

Email message

For companies that are new to digitalization, an email support is very much useful. Email correspondence is the most widely-used way of corporate communication. As email is an important virtual event platform in Singapore, Evention makes it a goal to help improve the email communication of our clients across the country. Get the best of email messaging from Evention.

Review Virtual Conference Performance from start to the end

A comprehensive report will be generated after the event. It contributes to track attendee before, during and after the event, recording the interaction while adopting the virtual conference hosting platforms.

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Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set

Professional 3D live production

with green screen

Virtual Event Video

User Guide

Customised video guide for

your virtual event guests

Virtual Photo Booth


Interactive features to boost engagement

Fear to Switch? We’re Here to Help

While the interest in virtual events has certainly spiked since the pandemic, these benefits can be applied to
the world of meetings and events long after the end of travel bans and gathering restrictions.

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