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Virtual Event Singapore

What is a Virtual Event?

Even before the start of this ongoing pandemic, virtual events in Singapore are already popular. Virtual event in Singapore is a good way to gather people together without the need for long distance travel and accommodations.

With the gradual shifting to the digital scheme, virtual events in Singapore become an avenue to stay updated with the latest in different field of interest from any part of the country and even overseas. Product launch, for instance, is more convenient and can gather wider scale of audiences when you have it as a virtual event in Singapore.

Therefore, virtual events in Singapore provide continuous revenue while keeping your customers connected and in touch.

Virtual Product

Product launch is a very important marketing strategy for any brands. Your target audiences’ awareness to your new product will dictate its success in the market. This activity has been made more convenient as a virtual event in Singapore. With a virtual product launch, you can launch the new product online which will be accessible not just in your vicinity but in the whole country or even overseas.


We all know how hard it is to gather your business partners or stakeholders when your company or organization involves satellite offices. When conferences and summits can be very useful to address and resolve major conflicts within the organization, holding one is very expensive and taxing. The good thing about virtual conference is that this virtual event in Singapore can gain you the same end goal as an actual conference without the need to spend money on travel and lounging.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual exhibition can serve a plethora of purposes. This virtual event in Singapore can be used to hold virtual museum visits, virtual property tours, and online product exhibits, all of which can gain you additional revenues. Virtual exhibits are also being used for online auctions, online live selling, and online employee’s orientation which made these activities convenient and hassle-free.

Live Streaming

Our services for virtual events in Singapore come with an option for live streaming which uses state of the art platforms to ensure privacy, connectivity and audio & video quality. We understand how crucial it is for virtual communications to have lesser barriers or distraction and we aim to provide that through our live stream platforms and stand-by technical support team.

Virtual D&D and Celebration

The ongoing pandemic changed the way we handle social gatherings. In fact, some places are still restricting social gatherings in fear of the spread of the virus. However, social events can help relieve stress and can improve our dispositions. With virtual events in Singapore like online drink and dance celebrations, you can keep the worries at bay and celebrate with your favourite people.

Hybrid Event

What sets us apart from other virtual event organisers is that we also have a long track record of excellent services for face-to-face events. Thus, you can guarantee a hassle-free hybrid event when you decide to get our assistance today! We provide reliable assistance on top of our innovative event management solutions to solidify a promising hybrid event in Singapore.

Seamless Virtual Event Experience


Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set

Professional 3D live production

with green screen

Virtual Event Video

User Guide

Customised video guide for

your virtual event guests

Virtual Photo Booth

Interactive features to boost engagement



When it comes to hosting a successful virtual event in Singapore, your concern is always our first priority. Our customer-oriented support team is wholeheartedly available and ready to assist — No matter if you are brand new to start, struggling in the planning of your virtual event, or have tried virtual events before and in need of assistance with detailed reports after the event and other ways to make your events more engaging. EVENTION is your end-to-end event management and IT solution.

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