Virtual Exhibition

Engage Audiences with an Interactive Exhibition Platform Virtually Like Real

Our team will assist you to customise an eye-catching virtual landscape that is detailed and easy to explore. Interactive booths, ,banners and other features where your guests can experience a virtual but like real exhibition.

Engage Audiences with an Interactive Exhibition Platform Virtually Like Real

Virtual Exhibit

The best way to make a virtual exhibition in Singapore attractive and engaging is to combine great graphics, fun user experience, and easy access. We know this all too well here at Evention. As a leading provider of virtual event solutions, we have been doing continuous studies on how to improve the audience engagement in a supposed interactive event like a virtual exhibit.

With that said, we are eager to help companies and organizations in improving the quality of their virtual exhibition in Singapore. Whether it aims to display a certain collection or to make a property, company or site tour, we can definitely help.

  • Lobby
  • Auditorium 
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Video Player
  • Public & Private Chatroom
  • Q&A / Polling
  • Live Production
  • Live-streaming

What is Virtual Exhibition Singapore?

Virtual exhibition in Singapore can be a plethora of online events. You can introduce a virtual exhibit to the public or to selected group of people for various purposes. Some of the uses of virtual exhibition in Singapore are to display visual art collections, give an online tour for properties on sale, and give backgrounds for companies during partners’ or employees’ orientation program. It serves as a hassle-free way to explore a certain place.

Why Choose our Virtual Exhibition Service?

Evention has been known for developing and providing virtual event solutions in Singapore. We aim to make virtual events such as virtual exhibition in Singapore more engaging and fun not only for the audiences but for every participant. Thus, our promise is to make your virtual exhibition as seamless and engaging as possible. We can help you have a memorable and worthwhile online event.


Interactive features to enhance the visitors’ virtual experience seamlessly

  • Live chat
  • Q&A/ Polling
  • Interactive exhibition platform with booths , banners & more

An end-to-end solution for your event

  • Online RSVP
  • Personalised log-in page
  • Event countdown timer
  • Customised video player with event banner, agenda, speaker/ sponsor info and more
  • Live chat & other interactive features
  • Detailed login and activity reports
  • Professional live production & live-streaming

Expand your audience reach virtually

  • Global access with secure hosting
  • Professional worldwide live-streaming
  • People from across the world can join instantly

 Why EVENTION is your first priority of event management

EVENTION is your one-stop solution for the virtual event

Review Virtual Conference Performance from start to the end

A comprehensive report will be generated after the event. It contributes to track attendee before, during and after the event, recording the interaction while adopting the virtual conference hosting platforms.

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Additional Perks To Spice Up Your Virtual Events

3D Virtual Set

Professional 3D live production

with green screen

Virtual Event Video

User Guide

Customised video guide for

your virtual event guests

Virtual Photo Booth


Interactive features to boost engagement

Fear to Switch? We’re Here to Help

While the interest in virtual events has certainly spiked since the pandemic, these benefits can be applied to
the world of meetings and events long after the end of travel bans and gathering restrictions.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and take advantage of these new virtual features